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Upcoming Classes & Events

Weavers’ Guild Annual Sale

Main Floor

The Weavers' Guild of Boston offers shoppers a wide range of over 1600 individually handcrafted items. There is an extensive collection of creative clothing, including scarves and shawls, jackets, hats...


Introduction to Castables

The Loft 356 Boston Post Road, 2nd floor, Weston, MA

Introduction to Castables is an entry level course encompassing the full design process, from ideation to final execution. Starting with exercises in ideation, sketching, and 3d modelling, you will eventually...

Maker Lab

The Loft and the Toolshed

Maker Lab is offered to students, artists, and makers who would like to use our studio space to continue their work independently. Our makerspaces and equipment are available outside of...


Photoshop Basics

The Loft 356 Boston Post Road, 2nd floor, Weston, MA

Would you like to create your own holiday cards, make uniquely personal photo gifts, or simply improve the quality of your photographs? In this 4-session class, you will learn the...


Exploring Felt Making (via Zoom)


Felt making is an ancient art which predates other textiles in human history and has many uses in domestic, industrial and artistic settings. Through weekly projects, students will learn the...


Setting the Scene for Your Holiday Tables

Whether you are setting your holiday table for an intimate dinner party or planning a big soirée, a beautiful tablescape will kick off your celebration with style, conversation and flair. Join...


Teen Sewing: Midi Skirt

The Loft 356 Boston Post Road, 2nd floor, Weston, MA

As seen on your favorite influencers, make your own midi skirt! During this class students will learn basics of machine sewing and how to construct a skirt. Students will leave class with...


Cozy Sweater

The Loft 356 Boston Post Road, 2nd floor, Weston, MA

This elevated popover sweater is perfect for fall and winter.  In this class you will explore stretch machine sewing techniques. and will leave with a completed cozy sweater! The perfect...


Fix-It First: Knife Sharpening

The Toolshed 356 Boston Post Road, 1st floor, Weston, MA

Ever since humans invented blades, they had to figure out how to sharpen them. In this Fix-It First workshop we will be learning about metals, edges and sharpening. Bring your dull...