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Cancellation Policy

The AIC may cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, instructor illness, etc. In these situations, we try to reschedule the class. If we cannot reschedule, students will be issued a full refund.

Occasionally the AIC cancels a class if enrollment minimums are not met. In this case, students will be issued a full refund.

We understand that life brings many surprises and sometimes students must cancel their class reservation. Please help us continue to offer these wonderful classes at the most affordable rates possible by adhering to our cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy when requested by student:

  • Before the registration deadline: 100% refund
  • After the registration deadline or within 2 business days of the class (whichever comes first): At this point, materials have been purchased, the instructor has declined other opportunities to teach, and other students have committed to the class. Therefore, neither full nor partial refunds or credits are available. The AIC suggests that, if you need to cancel at this late date, you gift your spot to a friend or colleague. Occasionally there is a waitlist for a class. If there is a waitlist AND the AIC staff is able to fill your spot, a refund will be issued.