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Interested in Performing at the AIC?

Our Mission

Weston Roots is a new music series that brings high quality artists and engaging concert experiences to Weston.

We believe that great communities deserve great music.


The Weston AIC is excited to launch a new music series bringing exceptional musical experiences to our metrowest community. By presenting talented musicians, both acclaimed artists and emerging talents, Weston Roots will showcase a variety of genres, including jazz, folk/americana, classical, Broadway, and world music – in an intimate concert setting.

The Venue

The AIC Reading Room is a charming, wood paneled room that has been restored to its original 1899 appearance. It is a 40’ * 22’ room that seats up to 49 people (including performers). The performers typically set up at the end of the room and are able to utilize the overhead projection system and 13’ screen if desired.

The AIC sits at the center of Weston, which is 10 minutes west of Route 128 just off Route 20. Street parking is available as well as limited parking in two small parking lots on site. Large equipment such as amps or drums can come in the front entrance or can come up the elevator from the parking lot at the rear.


Please complete the form to the right as best you can. Most fields are required, but if you don’t have an answer to a specific question, please put ‘N/A’.

The AIC aims to attract and support a diverse audience. In your response to ‘Expression of Interest’, please tell us not only why you’re interested in performing at the AIC, but also whether you and your ensemble can help us to further our goals to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have parking close to your building?

There is a small, 8 car lot in the back of our building that provides easy access to the elevator and the main floor of the building, where performances take place.  Otherwise, there is ample street parking within a short walk.

Can we sell band merchandise?

Yes the band is welcome to set up a small table to sell merchandise.  The band is responsible for providing a person to man this table.  All proceeds go to the band.

What sound and light equipment is available?

For sound, we have a PA system, 6 mics, 12 channel mixer, and two monitors. We also have a Yamaha P-125 keyboard available. For lighting, we have 2 stage lights on tree stands.

How long is the set?

Each set is scheduled for 75 minutes, beginning at 7:30.

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